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INTRODUCTION: This section will deal with many realms of the TRADE INDUSTRY; architectural drafting and design, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, remodeling, painting, building innovations, general repair processes in appliances and anything not working, auto mechanics, the HOW TO's in HANDYMAN services, etc., etc., etc. At least, at present, it isn't envisioned to include ALL the trades . . . but a good smattering of them. 

   Rish has began his experience in the trades of construction and architecture about 44 years ago at the ripe young age of 22. He began as an architectural draftsman in 1972 under the tutelage of Dan Harville a  construction developer and founder of and Oceanic, Inc., in Newport, Oregon.  At that post, Rish had one on one guidance and instruction in architectural drafting, architectural artistic rendering for investment presentations and, as well, he first picked up the hammer in the realms of carpentry. 

     From there it was to Utah with Prowswood, Inc., under the best draftsman he ever saw, Jesse Wonderlitch, and the all amazingly knowledgeable architect Ken Hansen.

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