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The Dance'sters are a group of people who are interested in Rish and Miki's FREE DANCE LESSON PROGRAM. We teach ballroom, swing, Latin, line and round dancing for an hour and a half USUALLY  nearly every Friday evening.  You are welcome to pick and choose wihch lessons you will attend. All who are in the Dance'ster program have their email addresses listed on the DANCE'STER WEEKLY EMAIL LIST  and are sent information weekly---usually on TUESDAYS. Approximately 274 in number strong at this time, some are on the list to know what we will be teaching each Friday evening BECAUSE THEY WANT TO TAKE THE LESSONS; and some just want to be on the list JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE INTERESTED IN DANCE...and want to read what we are up to in our dance program. Each email for each week is listed below.


IF you; 1. have questions; 2. want to be on the list; 3. want to be removed from the list; 4. want to help teach; or 5. have some ideas and/or suggestions, you can contact RISH at the email address shown below or at, or, you can text or call him at (503) 798-0927.



Each Friday's lesson varies as students and the season progresses; so, a weekly email is sent out to show what our schedule for each Friday evening will be. Recently---because of the fun numbers of people attending---we have been having a 2 hour lesson each Friday...teaching ALL GROUP lessons and then having all work individually as Mik and I come and help the students person to person. We have been working three nearly 40 minute in in SWING and a shorter one in CHA CHA...and then learning some different things at the end of each line dances or round dances... or other unique sections like THE ART OF SLOW DANCING...and THE SCHOTTISCHE...and/or  other types of THE RISH SHUFFLE and others.  




PLEASE be mindful that the location of our dance lessons will be one of two places; and, since the lessons are FREE, Rish and Miki would not be able to afford a hall in which to teach the lessons, hence, the church of which they are members---i.e., The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, donates the use of their gym facilities in which hold these lessons.  To know WHERE we will be meeting on any Friday, come to this site . . . on this page . . . and read the DANCE'STER EMAIL for the week in question.  The two locations are as follows;



                                                      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

                                                      1850 Brush College Road NW, Salem, Oregon 97304



LOCATION TWO (B):         The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

                                                     3154 Eola Drive NW, Salem, Oregon  97304

We only have our lessons at location B if location A is being used for a wedding or reception or dinner of other Friday night use. PLEASE make a note of the difference of LOCATION ONE and LOCATION TWO . . . as I will be referring to these addresses in our email.




Why take dance lessons if the dancers have no place to practice their skills . . . RIGHT?!!  That's right . . . so, we usually hold a DANCE NIGHT on the last Friday of every month  [WHEN THERE ARE ENOUGH ATTENDING]. . . except for the months of NOVEMBER and DECEMBER each year.


SHOES TO WEAR: We recommend that you wear leather soled shoes . . . or dance shoes. Shoes with rubber or sticking plastic soles can damage your ankles, knees and/or hips. I have bought a number of pairs of my leather soled shoes I use for dance from Goodwill or other thrift stores or garage sales.


CLOTHES TO WEAR: For dance nights wear comfortable but MODEST clothing . . . casual dress is fine, if this changes we will let you know in our weekly email for any particular dance night.


BRING A SNACK PLATE ON DANCE NIGHTS ONLY:  Since our program is FREE, we ask EVERYONE PLEASE (one per couple) to bring a SNACK PLATE to share for the evening ON DANCE NIGHTS ONLY . . . and then when you are ready to go home, take your snack plate with you, please. This can be veggies, cookies, brownies, chips, sandwiches, beverages (cafene free please).


LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH DANCE NIGHT SCHEDULE...IF it is held: the email will tell you WHEN:


SET UP:                        FROM 5:30 to 6 PM




DANCE TIME:              FROM 7 TO 9 PM






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