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IT'S EASY!!! All you need to do is send an email to OR and say "SIGN ME UP" in the subject line . . . and that's it!! Thereafter . . . usually on the Tuesday of each week, you'll get the DANCE'STER WEEKLY EMAIL telling you all about what's going on with us . . . you'll then know what we are going to be learning on the following Friday evening . . . as well as other dance news. 


YOU DON'T HAVE TO DANCE to be a member: And it's ALL FREE!!!

We have 233 +/- on our Dance'ster List . . . and many of those aren't able to make it to the dance lessons (as yet), but they like reading about what we are up to in our local dance community, and they're helping us in numbers . . . =0)



If you move away . . . or just don't wish to receive the DANCE'STER EMAIL any longer . . . just send an email to one of the two above addresses and sayyyyy, "UNSUBSCRIBE ME" in the subject line . . . and we'll get you removed . . . as easy as that.

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