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On this page you can watch and see some of the videos of the same moves we are teaching in our DANCE'STER GROUP classes. I have procured permission to post these here so that they are easy to find and access for the group.  Below you can see Leon and Kim demonstrating a Rumba series of steps

that we are presently working on in class. I will be leaving this particular step series here on the video page for a while so that you can refer to it on a regular basis.  In the near future we will be learning four more such series steps in Cha Cha, Salsa, Swing, and Tango.

ALL SHOOK UP:  On this video to the left you can see the line dance we are learning at this time.  You wil note that these folks don't dance the whole song through on the video, but that's okay . . . we do at our lessons . . . =0)  They are dancing to the Billy Joel version of the song . . . as are we.

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