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Rish graduated from

Toledo High School in Toledo, Oregon

Associates Degree from 

Multnomah Jr. College, Portland, Ore.

Bachelor's Degree from

Western Oregon State College in 

Monmouth, Oregon

Master's Degree from

Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore. 


NOTE HERE: I have spent my entire life LEARNING something new as often as I can; so, the following list shows the product of that venture;

Real Estate Agent

Property Management


Professional Musician - Composer-Writer

Carpenter, Plumber, Electrical Work

Draftsman/Designer (and teacher of same)

Commercial Artist (and teacher of same)

Dancer (and teacher of the same)

Building Maintenance and Repair

Auto Mechanic

Coach (in baseball, pitcher trainer, lil'lg =0)

Plastics Research & Developoment 

Patent Consultant/Product Development


Construction Consultant





Expert Penman & Graphologist

Teacher of Hand Arts; i.e., Calligraphy,      \handwriting and Rapidgraphy (my own created lettering and handwriting technique and process)

Creator of "Live-Building Construction                                      Techniques"


Inventor/Patent Holder

Public Speaker

Disc-Jockey in Radio (Rock n'Roll & Cntry)

Organizing and Order Techniques

Terrible Speller

Bad memory 




Who is Rish,  Really?  (continued)


I conclude with a few opinionated observations.  I believe that the mind is the most wonderful and amazing organism created. And, it's care and use are at the optimum of each of our individual responsibilities. Each second, minute, hour, day and year in our lives are most precious and important. No matter how rich you may be . . . you can never BUY another minute of life. So, we have to take what we are given and make the most of it. 


I try to always be aware of my time . . . what I am doing, and for what.  I try to---as much as possible---be thinking of others . . . over myself. Life ins't about ME!!! It's about how I can take the things my loving Heavenly Father has given me . . . and use them to help and serve others. As it is written (to paraphrase), those who just think of themselves, lose themselves [in selfishness].


Though wonderful in many ways---and I certainly have my cell phone, tablet and computers---I believe the electronic age has it's major downfalls in the education and creativity of our youth. Who plays outside anymore . . . creating their own toys from their imagination? Who talks more than they text in our children's lives?  Everyone has their face pointed toward some screen somewhere.


I don't drink alcohol, coffee or tea and I don't smoke . . . because, being a counselor for most of my life, I have seen and experienced first hand the destructive prison that is found in addiction; my biological father was an alcoholic, and several of my children are alcoholics. My mind is PRECIOUS to me, and every time a person drinks alcohol, or smokes pot or cigarettes, or takes drugs . . . brain cells are destroyed . . . that are NEVER replaced. My mind is the motor of my body and soul and the Rolls Royce of my life's ride . . . why would I take that Rolls Royce out off-roadin' in the mud and rocks; yet, that is what happens every day someone takes a stimulant into their precious bodies.


I know I'm strange, but I never play video games, for I have too many other productive things to do with my mind. I seldom listen to music . . . as my favorite sound---or the absence thereof---is "silence" . . . because then I can hear the soft whisperings of inspiration. I LOVE the word LOVE; And, though it's taking me a long while to master the goal, I try to listen very closely to every word that comes out of my mouth, to try and make sure that it is pure [without cursing or vulgarity], and just, and true [NEVER a lie] . . . AND . . . that I do what I say I'm going to do . . . and live by what I teach . . . and prove these things by what I exemplify. I know . . . I know . . . some of you who KNOW me truly, may be thinking, "Oh Yea . . . Ha, Ha!!" But, with all my heart, these things are my goal . . . to work and learn and change and improve . . . to become like my HERO . . . Jesus Christ.

MY MIND . . . AND MY MANNER; a Conclusion:

To end this self-descript section of my intro; there is something that I will share  . . . to help to be understood by my readers.


Last December [12-20-2016] my youngest daughter added some light to my mind's efforts spent on discovering the "reasoning" behind my feeling a bit odd, when I was chatting with her---via text---about my feeling "a lot alone" when she said;

     "I'm sorry that you feel "alone" Dad. That is sad! You have been given many gifts and talents and not many people think like you. Maybe this is your lot, your trial?" 

Hmmm, I thought, my LOT, and my TRIAL!!?? I also thought about her words, not many people think like you, This brought me to the train of thought that, logically . . . when a thought or thoughts are different . . . then, so too will the mental processes of that person be different . . . and when mental processes are different, then, so too, will word use and sentence structures in communication be different; and, when one communicates differently, then that person is perceived as different . . . and, ask yourself, "What do people do---naturally---about DIFFERENCE? They avoid and/or reject DIFFERENCE!! So, IF I am different in thought [as my daughter suggests] . . . Then, perhaps, there would be a logic in people avoiding ME!! Right? This, then, became a WONDERFUL realization . . . explaining much of my life. Which I will explain . . . as you read on (and, surely, you HAVE to read on, right? . . . I mean, like, isn't this suspenseful!? . . . Oh, my goodness . . . I'm so excited!!). 

I will---here---interject an odd but applicable true STORY that applies to "difference" and which will assist---I think--- to your understanding my "oddballdom;" 

About 15 years ago my wife asked me a kind of life changing question . . . when she said, "Have you ever had an IQ test?" And, I replied that, "No, I haven't" . . . to wit she then continued, "Well, I'll bet it is wayyyyyy up there!!!" Isn't that a nice thing for a wife to say to her husband . . . even when she didn't want anything in return [=0)] ?

Well, it sure made me feel good at the time . . . and, speaking of time . . . time did pass and I eventually DID take that IQ test; I was surprised!! I discovered that my IQ was 143 . . . which isn't all that amazing. But it's about 33 points above the highest normal average score for human kind, yet about 17 points short of those whom people usually know as geniuses; i.e., Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. But, it was news to me, none-the-less!!  And, in time, it made a lot of sense and was also revelatory in a way. My own personal perspectives and understandings about myself began to clarify about DIFFERENCE. From back then---when I first took the test---to now . . . has given me a lot of time to reflect and begin to see why I felt so foreign "in this galaxy" . . . so-to-speak. And thennnnnnn . . . 

STORY: Once when I was teaching a college class of Psychology 101, on the first day of class, I had all the class sit around in a circle and then had each person speak and tell all the class about themselves. As each person spoke and we comfortably laughed and joked and commented on this and that, I asked the class, "Okay, now, what has been your first impression of me, in just these few moments we've had together?" Expecting things like, "Well, it seems we have a lot in common!" Or, "I'm going to enjoy studying Psychology." etc., etc. To my great surprise, one gal took her hand and waved it back and forth---with her palm flat and horizontal---above her head . . . meaning [according to her words paraphrased] that she could tell that I was highly intelligent because I was at times talking way above her head. Hmmm . . . I was baffled, aghast and dumbfounded!! Whatever could I have possibly said in such a short time to give such an impression to a total stranger!!?? And, since then, and as years have passed, I have kept that circumstance in my mind. As I don't really wish to give any impression to others regarding myself except that which would be calming and welcoming. Wellllll, look at the next couple of paragraphs and you will see that "Welcoming" is apparently NOT my vibe and/or forte!!  I'm more like a humanoid "Shrek."

SOOOO, WHY did I even bother to mention this IQ thing here in the first place??!!  The "bottom line" is this . . . for nearly all my life, I've had an uncanny knack at repelling people.  I have scratched my head over it for YEARS. Though, I try my best to be serving, helpful and courteous, somehow people just don't jive with my DIFFERENCE . . . the WHO that is ME! I admit, that I have a habit of telling it like it is (I got it from my mother) . . . "believing" that I am being honest and helpful (because I ALWAYS wish to be so) . . . BUT, somehow . . .  my sincere efforts go awash, and people are discrete, but stay away!! So, THANK HEAVENS that I LOVE the state of ALONE!!  It's a state that has paved the way for so much creation. Bottom line . . . Somehow in my speech and mannerisms, people seem to want to stay aloof . . . from the true HOOT that is ME! [giggle]

So, until I can figure it out . . . all I can say is that  . . . It's my BRAIN's FAULT. I'm just an odd DUCK in the pond of life!! (GO DUCKS) And, my wise-quacks somehow ount aways appweciated by evweewon dat heeos 'em!! . . . BUT, I twy!!


I will continue to try my best to be NICE? God made me this way!!  And I haven't learned how to cope, just yet . . . =0) I just mentioned the word NICE. And, though I try my best to be nice and friendly and mannerly and kind, it doesn't work, always to gleen friendliness. =0) Even in my own church building---though many people try to be friendly, there is not one person [save one or two] who would voluntarily - normally come and sit by ME just to make a friendly conversation.  Like the first day of my psychology class in the earlier paragraph, somehow I give some kind of impression by what and how I speak that it disperses folk faster than flies in a Raid spray.

Last Holiday Example, at a Christmas Party [Tuesday, December 13th, 2016], my wife and I sat all by ourselves [we were the first ones to sit] at this table near the food (we like being near the FOOD); because of years of experience, my wife and I know that if we sit at a table---like at a dinner or something [and the people know us]---we will usually have the whole table to ourselves [unless it's with our dance crew] . . . and that's only with a very slight exaggeration  =0).  Anyway, at that Christmas Party, this one couple walked up near our table [I was watching] . . . the wife of the couple pointed to our empty table and said something like "We could sit there!" [I couldn't really hear what she said], to which the husband quickly turned to the side [with a somewhat panicky gander] . . . said something to her . . . and away they went!!!

Miki and joke that we don't have many friends. Instead of "friends" . . . we have what I will call "Tolerators." Even nearly all of my own children won't have much to do with me!! What can I say, I'm a dynamo of attraction!! But, hopefully, you will still get a kick out of my writings. I hear that you don't have to be a people magnet to have people like what you write . . . you just have to be a reader magnet!!! But, until then . . . I'll just be the lost and 'Lone RISH . . . Mr. Repel!! [giggle] 

Since I appear to be on a---rather successful---personal slam slide , I'll also share that I'm not super at "chit-chat" either, this I admit. Also---in a crowd---I will probably be found standing alone in some far-away corner somewhere. Not because I can't be "social" when I need to be, heavens no, I'm a real  HOOT of a guy to be around [wink, just ask me!! But, I THNK that my wife would agree =0)]. But, one good thing I WILL say honestly about myself, is that I can usually make anyone laugh and feel welcome and at ease [probably because they will only be near ME for just a few moments], ar ar ar. But . . . all in all . . . There's just something about me/us that repels. And, I suppose that---were we animals of prey---that would be a good thing . . . kinda like the skunk . . . basically, safe.

So, others avoiding me has been my lot in life; or, at least MY impression of my life's lot, so far. I'm sure that there are MANY of you who can relate perfectly. And, to you all I say, "WELCOME Bros and Sis's!" Not everyone's Mr./Miss POPULAR!! Not everyone can be a part of THE SOCIAL CLIQUE. Not everyone can be a celebrity in this world. BUT, you can be a super celebrity in someone's life.  Who of you---for example---would reject your mother because she's not famous or rich? Though I'm not a "Beloved Person" to very many, if I can just touch one life for good, then I can feel "good" for that, right?  And, as the Lord has taught [to paraphrase], "Don't create for yourselves treasures on earth where a thief can break through and steal; but create for yourselves treasures in heaven, where thieves cannot break through and steal."

I choose to work on THAT treasure . . . the one I have in heaven, waiting for me.

So, unfortunately, I suppose that Mik and I will continually find people that we will meet who will be "acquaintances" for a short time, but then vanish away . . . even when I check my deodorant, and check my breath, and even if I take a shower (depending on the year and the season . . . even though I will have to start my tan all over again), none-the-less, life is life, and things are things . . . and as my mother said to me once . . . after I'd commented and joked about how ugly I was . . . she just said, "You are what you are!"  =0) I felt like Forest Gump!!


Everything on this site is meant to be of goodness and wholesome to all who will listen and read . . . and a lot of it funny and meant to delight your chucklebones.  I hope that you the reader will enjoy what I have prepared for you. It has taken me years to prepare . . . and, it will still take quite a while to prepare all that I have to share . . . thousands of words and hundreds of melodies . . . but, in time, it will come to fruition; and a person will be able to spend hours here with me . . . no matter how old---or young---you are.  

With Love . . . 

RISH . . .P.S.: IF you have any questions you would like to ask me about, ol' RISH . . . don't hesitate to send them to my email linked to this site at

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