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This is a picture of me while I sat in my comfy

chair with my guitar posing in my black duds.

You'll see a number of dancers dress in black

because it is the only color that doesn't show

sweat; and this was a dance night. I'm much

older now . . . but still dance in black =0).



MICHAEL JACKSON was one person who wrote one style of the kinds of music I want to write myself; although you sure couldn't tell it by what I have online so far (I'll write more about that below).  


Michael was a genius in music and in dance; few humans today can---and/or DO---write like he did when it comes to BEAT! His sister Janet came close. Well, I'm a dancer, too; and it's been my experience in life [so far] to find that it usually takes a dancer to truly write dancing music. Although I don't have any of my tunes here on this site that could come close to what Michael could do in writing . . . I do plan to get a few on here eventually.  

Regarding Michael's music, I'm not talking about ALL his music, but mainly his earlier hits like Billy Jean, Beat It, Man In the Mirror, The Way You Make Me Feel, and Black or White.  

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