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Hello and welcome to RISH's "ART PAGE." I---Rish---have a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education from---what use to be---Oregon College of Education, in Monmouth, Oregon.  It is now, of course called Western Oregon State University. What will be appearing on this page, eventually, (and additional pages as the time permits) will be various pictures of works and aspects of my artistic creations . . . everything from my book illustrations to my commercial pieces---created and meant for sale---will be posted here.

My father Russell Gordon Reinen was a masterful artist. Once he painted for me a picture of a horse head that was so realistic that you felt like you could reach out your hand and pet it. So, from him---combined with the wonderful talents of my angelic mother---I inherited the gift of artistic abilities. I began making an additional income in commercial works in art while I still was in high school, and received a scholarship in art from that institution. I work in just about every area of art that crosses my path in life . . . watercolor, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, woodworking, welding, handwriting, calligraphy, rapidgraphy (a form of writing I created), literary illustration and narration . . . and the list keeps growing . . . as I will never stop learning whatever, whenever I can.


So, once the art pics begin to appear, of course some prints and originals will be for sale here online. But, because of the number of various projects I have presently . . . it will be a lil' while before my art work begins to appear here. But, at least, the page is ready . . . when I am. =0)








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