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The songs included above are just a drop in the bucket to what will be coming from RISH PRODUCTIONS. There will be Children's music for fun and learning . . . such as . . .


As you can hear; in each of my children's songs I increase production in each verse and I repeat the verses 3 times; WHY? . . . a) I increase production [in both vocals and instrumention] to keep interest; and b) I repeat 3 times to help the children memorize the lyrics; as we all know, repetition teaches.  The THEORY being that

If they should have such a good teaching song on their minds---as you and I do when we hear a song and then head out the door for the day---it helps teach that principle.


As well---connected to the children's music---there will be lesson plans to 1. help parents teach their children in their Family Home Evenings; and 2. help teachers to teach their students important moral and mannerly principles.



I, RISH, have created this site---as well as everything on it---all by my lonesome. It has taken--and WILL take---many hours, days---and eventually---years to get it to it's pinacle of potential. It has taken study and research and question-asking and support getting, and LOTS of patience . . . with many mountains climbed, and yet to climb.  


But, it's all worth it, and I love every second of it all (wellll, except maybe the needing help and not finding a good support team). I love it because, like the wood or stone carver, chip by chip, piece by piece, with drop by drop of effort, sweat and patience, no one knows the final outcome . . . but the artist wielding the hammer and the chisel. It just begins as a mass of uncertainty, a blob or board or stone of whatever . . . until time and effort starts chipping away, this bit and that bit . . . causing the "whatever" to begin to take shape and become a part of the sculptor's dream; or, in this case one of my dreams.


In time it will reveal much of who I am . . . how I feel . . . what I see . . . what I believe . . . and what I want to share . . . with YOU!!! And THAT's what's most important . . . YOU!!! I learned long ago that LIFE ISN'T ABOUT ME!!

But rather, how can I take ME and HELP do something positive? Perhaps through laughter, entertainment, learning and teaching, and showing and sharing all that my Heavenly Father has given me. I believe that each of us is given what we have to help others; help and encourage them to find their own gifts and talents.



'm RISH and I'm tickled that you were able to stop by my studio. Howbeit, I'm not totally sure that you're gonna like ALL my music, because there's many different kinds and styles . . . and there are many eras in which it was recorded; i.e., by "eras" I mean that I've chosen to even include some of my songs recorded way back when I had some very crude equipment with which to record . . . and I include these songs because I thought some of you might be interested in listening to the beginnings of the music of this ol' fart.

I do feel, however, that there's a pretty good chance of you finding at least something that you will enjoy . . . WHY? Because, though we all have different tastes in music (and that's a good thing), I write, produce and record in so many different styles that you'll probably like one or two. In types of music, I do . . . COUNTRY, COUNTRY-ROCK, ROCK N' ROLL, BLUES, JAZZBIG BAND, POP, RELIGIOUS, BALLROOM STYLES (waltzes, cha chas, Night Club Two Step, Swing, latin, etc.), and even COMEDY . . . annnnnd . . . I am always adding more and more to my collection as time passes.



One thing's for sure though . . . and that is, on this site, on this page, I can't blame anyone else for what you hear, because everything you will hear will be lil' ol ME . . . I wrote all the music and I do all the vocals (leads and harmonies, except on one song Blues Sometimes where I use keyboard vocal harmonies), I do all the recording, mixing and production and all the instrumentation . . . either performed by me individually, or performed through the electronic technology of the keyboard . . . except for a few hired lead guitar parts by Jack Hopfinger [only on about 6 songs]. 

So, there are no bands here . . . no one in the recording studio but ME . . . so, if'n ya'll don't like it much . . . it's all my fault . . . (if there is any such thing as "fault" when it comes to just having differing tastes =0))

     IMPORTANT NOTE to understand before listening: this music was RECORDED IN DIFFERENT WAYS at DIFFERENT TIMES:

      I started playing in bands when I was in the 6th grade. I started professional musicianship at age 16. I've been a professional musician---on and off---for about 22 years. I've written most of my songs from the 1990's up to today. So---as mentioned above---there have been times when I didn't have the best of equipment upon which to record my tunes; sooooo, I have all kinds of songs that sound all kinds of ways.  BUT, rather than taking the time to make everything as perfect as possible on every song . . . I decided to, in stead, go ahead and let you hear some of my songs as they were recorded way back then . . . good or bad.


So, you'll need to listen to a number of my tunes before you make a judgement . . . because you'll be hearing all sorts and ways and means of presentations of my music; some have obviously been crudely recorded, while others will sound similar to the quality you hear in the modern studios [and radios] of today. One thing is for sure, if you like "variety" then you'll hear a variety of types of music here. So, be patient . . . and listen to all the variety that is available. 



     If you should happen to hear one of my songs that was obviously recorded in those more "simple" of times that you would like to hear done again in today's recording methodologies, let me know with an email to, or another email address that I use, and if I get a number of requests for the same song, I will REDO that song for you with the more recent and up-to-date methodologies.

     Also, any feedback that you may have will be appreciated. My father Glen had a standard moto that he would say in our home almost every time we headed out the door, he'd give a big smile and out would come, "Do the best with the tools you have to work with!" So, that is what I have done here . . . AND . . . in everything I do and have done throughout my entire life in every way that I live.  Though I'm neither the best singer, nor writer, nor musician, nor arranger, nor producer in the world; I have had so much fun following my father's advice and I have done the best with what I have had [or have] to work; I hope that you enjoy something . . . grin. 



      As, hopefully, any artist would do, my songs are all under copyright . . . and registered with the US COPYRIGHT OFFICE.  Therefore, I ask you, please, to obey the law and do not infringe upon my rights as the creator of this music.  All unauthorized use, recording, reproduction or sharing of this material without purchase or written consent is prohibited. Professional performance of any of my materials must be approved by written consent by me...RISH. 


If there's a song or two that you enjoy, you will soon be able to purchase each lyric sheet for just $1.00. Most of the sheets have not only the words but also the chord progressions listed in the Nashville Numbering System.  To learn more about the NNS, click here.

                                                   . . . more . . . 


                                      RISH'S PLAYLIST

To the left you see RISH's PLAYLIST where you can sample the---presently online---examples of RISH's MUSIC . . . and maybe even buy one or two if you find some you like; everything from twangy country to blues to rock n' roll

                     ABOUT RISH'S PLAYLIST

If you hold your cursor over a song title on Rish's song list, a white window will appear containing information as seen here below;


HOT TIME - [rock - East Coast Swing, step swing] wav RISH 

Contained in this window is the following info:

1. The song TITLE

2. The song [STYLE OF MUSIC]; i.e., "cntry" for country, rock, jazz, blues, etc., and one type of which you may not be aware is "md of rd;" meaning "middle of the road." I once was a radio disc jockey, and this was a term we used for a song that wasn't totally one type, but might be a combination of types; 

3. The song's FILE TYPE; i.e., a wav file or an MP3 file. A wav file is larger in size and thus the sound is so much more enhanced in quality and depth than a MP3 file. However, should you purchase a song, the website software will convert that song file type to MP3 for your download; 

4. And, you may see the abbreviation "orig" (not shown on example above). This could have 1 of 2 meanings; 1. that the song was recorded some time ago with "crude'ish" recording equipment; or, 2. the song was recorded some time ago, but was redone . . . but the

one with the "orig" on it is the first one recorded with rather beginning/crude recording equipment; 

5. Since I and my wife are ballroom dancers (see DANCE), you will also see---in the "[ ]" marks---the types of dance you could do to each song [i.e., swing, cha cha, waltz, Night Club Two Step, etc.]

6. And finally is listed the song writer . . . RISH.

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