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More About Rish  & Miki:

When Rish was single, he made it a customary process to dance with "every lady in the house," when he would attend a singles dance. Why? So that every lady who attended each dance [where he was present] would have the super opportunity it is . . . to DANCE!!! 

He was living in Beaverton, Oregon when he first met Miki; 

and, there on fateful day, he had heard that there was a

singles dance down in Salem, Oregon (about 45

minutes south from where he resided) . . . so, he

decided to jaunt-the-jaunt, and make-the-haunt to

Salem city . . . and dance-the-night-away . . . just

like he had done every weekend as a single

bloke (it sure beat the 4-WALLS and the tele) at


       Soo, away he went . . . and there he was . . .

sooooo farrrfrom home . . . allllll alonnnnne . . .


 (well, except for the gym full of single people).  Rish usually arrived early to such events; as then he would watch the people come in, for one reason . . . and the other was because he enjoys the adventure of being directionally challenged, and so he needed to always go early enough so he could find his way there.

     Well, the evening went on and Rish danced his dances . . . one or two dances with one lady after another . . . having a good time himself while he tried his best to have his partners on the floor to have a good time, too. After a while, then it came to Miki. This was her FIRST singles dance she had ever attended since her divorce a year earlier. She had her hair cut to be about 2" from her shoulders and she was sitting just about in the middle of the room.  At first, Rish walked around her and then behind her . . . and then came up to her and, of course, said, "Would you like to dance?" To which she replied, "Yes." In an earlier biographical writing Miki said that, "I saw him dancing and kept thinking over and over again that I wanted to dance with "that guy." And so the fateful time had come . . . and TA-TA-TA-DAAAAA! They went out on the floor . . . which would be for the first time in many hundreds of times.  They danced 4 dances that evening . . . and Rish immediately noticed that Miki was a ROLLS ROYCE of dancers.  He said that, "She could follow so exquisitly and easily that he wanted to dance with her again, for sure . . . and gave her his email address." But, to be sure not to appear too excited, she said that she waited a couple of days before writing him an email.

     Since that time [now going on 15 years ago], Rish and Miki have been dancing up a storm and, along with their working on condinuing their own development in learning new steps and honing their dancing skills, they have also been voluntarilly teaching anyone who wanted to learn the art of dance.  After this first meeting, they became dance partners and danced together---sometimes 5 nights a week . . . when she lived in Salem---for 3-1/2 years, before he asked her to marry him. They will be married for 12 years this coming June.

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